Is it Genocide? It's time to answer that question.

IsItGenocide? streamlines an extensive database of carefully sourced quotes from Israeli officials, politicians, and IDF leaders, help you answer this essential question for yourself. Read what they have to say (& click on any quote to be linked to the original source) and decide.

Is it Genocide? It's time to answer that question.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them…” - Maya Angelou 

The feverish debate surrounding Israel's actions in Gaza revolves around a single question: does this amount to genocide? 

Pundits scrutinize each IDF military maneuver and bomb blast in an attempt to decipher Israel’s true intentions, assuming that Israel is maintaining an intentional silence and leaving the public to guess at their motives. But Israeli leadership is indeed talking–and they’re talking a lot. They’ve gone to great lengths to carefully outline their specific desires and goals.

Artist and imaginative digital designer, CyberDaffodil, partnered with The Zionism Observer via Tech for Palestine, to create IsItGenocide?, streamlining an extensive database of carefully sourced quotes from Israeli officials, politicians, and IDF leaders, to provide you with unfiltered quotes and help you answer this essential question for yourself. An API endpoint provided by The Zionism Observer, ensures that this compelling archive remains relevant as as new statements are made, corrections are issued, and original sources are deleted or removed from the internet.

No more sifting through the speculations or opinions of political apologists or biased media figures; instead, this website grants you direct access to the precise words of Israeli leaders themselves: Read what they have to say, and then take them at their word. 

Bridging Gaps in Understanding

"IsItGenocide?" is part of a landscape packed with information and populated with projects that document Israeli policy and statements. These resources are often dense and technical -   exhaustive spreadsheets by Law4Palestine and, even the International Court of Justice application filed by South Africa, can all be overwhelming for the average person. While there is no shortage of documentation, there is a need to make this information accessible and emotionally impactful to the everyday reader.

This is precisely where "IsItGenocide?" makes a difference. By recognizing the challenge of engaging a general audience — many of whom might find the Israeli-Palestinian conflict too daunting to approach — the website guides readers through a gallery of statements in an informative and emotionally resonant context, handing them the tools they need to come to their own decision. Click on any quote to bring up the original source and quickly access the statement in its original context. Unlike the memes and unsourced claims that proliferate across social media, IsItGenocide offers us a platform that combines rigor with accessibility and allows people answer this pressing question for themselves.

A Call to Action

The creators hope "IsItGenocide?" becomes a tool for activists, journalists, content creators, and researchers alike. The sourced and curated content facilitates a deeper understanding of the issues and invites people to contribute, ensuring that the database remains dynamic and reflective of ongoing developments.

The internet is becoming an increasingly contested space for narratives surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Initiatives like IsItGenocide? play a crucial role in offering a platform for informed discussion. Share this commendable project with your network, and help the people you know come to their own conclusions about Israel’s intent in this war.

IsitGenocide? You decide.