New product: Profile Pic Maker

Two images of a cute kid, showing before and after of using the Palestine Profile Pac Maker.

Tech For Palestine has a new product, allowing you to easily add support for Palestine to your profile pictures.

Palestine Profile Pic Maker 🇵🇸
Create your Palestine profile picture to show your support

We're in an age of unparalleled censorship, where even the word Palestine causes content to be algorithmically de-amplified on major social networks. During a genocide! This lets you show solidarity with pictures instead of just words.

This is also special because it was the first project that became an TFP Official Project since our launch last Tuesday. It was contributed to the community by Tengku Hafidz - thank you and wonderful to have you in the community. Contributors can find it on GitHub.

This adds to multiple other social projects to show solidarity, including GitHub badges, and website and blog banner. More on those in the future.